This is the link to download the imputed genotypes at all 8 million (8,285,037) SNPs discovered by NIEHS/Perlegen reseqeucing project. Each file is compressed with gzip. Once the file is uncompressed, each file contains a header file describing each column. The genotypes are represented in the following format.

With posterior probabilities Imputed calls with high-confidence Imputed calls for every genotype
Chr01 (66MB) Chr01 (19MB) Chr01 (18MB)
Chr02 (52MB) Chr02 (14MB) Chr02 (13MB)
Chr03 (50MB) Chr03 (14MB) Chr03 (14MB)
Chr04 (48MB) Chr04 (13MB) Chr04 (12MB)
Chr05 (46MB) Chr05 (13MB) Chr05 (13MB)
Chr06 (53MB) Chr06 (14MB) Chr06 (13MB)
Chr07 (45MB) Chr07 (12MB) Chr07 (12MB)
Chr08 (44MB) Chr08 (12MB) Chr08 (11MB)
Chr09 (37MB) Chr09 (9.6MB) Chr09 (9.1MB)
Chr10 (42MB) Chr10 (10MB) Chr10 (9.4MB)
Chr11 (28MB) Chr11 (7.5MB) Chr11 (7.0MB)
Chr12 (41MB) Chr12 (11MB) Chr12 (11MB)
Chr13 (41MB) Chr13 (11MB) Chr13 (11MB)
Chr14 (35MB) Chr14 (9.3MB) Chr14 (8.8MB)
Chr15 (33MB) Chr15 (8.9MB) Chr15 (8.6MB)
Chr16 (31MB) Chr16 (7.7MB) Chr16 (7.4MB)
Chr17 (28MB) Chr17 (7.7MB) Chr17 (7.4MB)
Chr18 (29MB) Chr18 (7.7MB) Chr18 (7.4MB)
Chr19 (22MB) Chr19 (5.9MB) Chr19 (5.7MB)
ChrX (28MB) ChrX (5.9MB) ChrX (5.2MB)
AllChr (788MB) AllChr (209MB) AllChr (199MB)