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  • The EMMA Server is current down until Dec 1st. What happened was that we had a server crash and we needed to change the machine that hosts it. Unfortunately, we could not get the configuration completely working and we will only be able to get it completely working on Dec 1st. However, all of the data is intact on our systems so if you are looking for something in particular, we can get it for you if you email is at the email below. In addition, we are in the midst of a major revision to the server which will bring it to Amazon so there won't be any server problems and we will be migrating to a new SNP map as well. Sorry for the problems and thanks in advance for your patience.
  • Study Design Experiment

    This web server provide power simulations and threshould estimation. This server provide power simulations with various background genetic effects. Since power simulation experiment is computationally intensive process, depending on your input size, it might take long time. Alternatively we also provide the R software package which you can perforom this experiment using your own machine. To get a R software package, click here.

    Submission Guideline:

    Please make sure you follow the following conventions exactly as our scripts assume the data is in a certain format. Although we try our best to catch possible errors and report them back to you, erroneous data will delay your results. If you are sure that all the rules are satisfied and your data submission yet is not successful, please send an email to emmaserver@cs.ucla.edu.

    For power simulation experiment, user need to upload 3 input files:

    "1. Strains file (List of strains with number of replicates)"

    "2. Heritability file (List of genetic background effects ratio)"

    "3. SnpEffect file (List of snp effects ratio)".

    Strains file should contain two columns : "Strain", "Number of Replicates" for the mouse snp data.

    Please use the following strain names: List of available strains.

    Please check the following example strain file.

    Heritability file contains List of heritability ratios. Each line contains one number. Ratio number should be greater than 0 and less than 1.

    SnpEffect file contains List of heritability ratios. Each line contains one number. Ratio number should be greater than 0 and less than 1.

    If you export your data from Microsoft Excel, select tab delimited option and please check the resulting .txt file before submission.

    If you understand the submission guideline, Click Here to begin your power simulation experiment.


    To report problems or for question please contact: emmaserver@cs.ucla.edu