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    Brian J. Bennett, Charles R. Farber, Luz Orozco, Hyun Min Kang, Anatole Ghazalpour, Nathan Siemers, Michael Neubauer, Isaac Neuhaus, Roumyana Yordanova, Bo Guan, Amy Truong, Wen-pin Yang, Aiqing He, Paul Kayne, Peter Gargalovic, Todd Kirchgessner, Calvin Pan, Lawrence W. Castellani, Emrah Kostem, Nicholas Furlotte, Thomas A. Drake, Eleazar Eskin, Aldons J. Lusis. ''A High Resolution Association Mapping Panel for the Dissection of Complex Traits in Mice.'' Genome Research, 20(2):281-90, 2010.

    Andrew Kirby, Hyun Min Kang, Claire M. Wade, Chris Cotsapas, Emrah Kostem, Buhm Han, Nick Furlotte, Eun Yong Kang, Manuel Rivas, Molly A. Bogue, Kelly A. Frazer, Frank M. Johnson, Erica J. Beilharz, David R. Cox, Eleazar Eskin, Mark J. Daly. ''Fine mapping in 94 inbred mouse strains using a high-density haplotype resource.'' Genetics, 185(3):1081-1095, 2010.

    EMMA is a statistical test for model organisms association mapping correcting for the confounding from population structure and genetic relatedness. EMMA takes advantage of the specific nature of the optimization problem in applying mixed models for association mapping, which allows us to sustantially increase the computational speed and the reliability of the results. The full details are described in Efficient Control of Population Structure in Model Organism Association Mapping.

  • March 1 2013 - To check on the status of a job, you can go to its result page and click on the "Show server log" link.
  • February 28 2013 - A script to migrate data to the new storage did not complete, so some people's data looked to be gone. It should be back.
  • February 20 2013 - Our larger, faster storage should be up and working now. Please let me know if you have problems.
  • December 20 2012 - We are currently working on the software to better distribute the load among our servers. If your analysis does not work, please contact . Please include your username and the study name to make it easier to find the problem.
  • June 14 2011 - A recent power outage has crashed our cluster nodes, if you submitted jobs around this time please do so again.
  • May 6 2011 - HMDP analysis results can be accessed by using the login information: username=hmdp and password=hmdp, and downloaded from the following link: download
  • March 23 2011 - Server restart may have affected some jobs. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • For eQTL mapping results from our recent paper: "A High Resolution Association Mapping Panel for the Dissection of Complex Traits in Mice" please follow this link.